Duct cleaning for bacteria

I am beginning to believe that the worst thing I could ever do, is move.  I’m sure it didn’t get any better with age, this need to not ever move, but it never was a good thing to do.  It is nothing but stress heaped upon stress. It was bad enough just needing to pack everything and move into the new house, but then I had to clean the old house and get it ready for the new people to move in.  I thought I was doing a good job of getting it done. Then, I was faced with a new problem. I thought I was just about done when I headed into the living room. I was getting ready to clean the air vent that was beneath the drapery.  I saw that there was mold around the edges of the air vent. I cleaned it really well, and I even used bleach when I cleaned. Then I had to look up. I wish I hadn’t looked up. I really tried to pretend that I hadn’t looked up. There was mold on the ceiling above the air vent.  I’m thinking that the humidity of the air conditioning, blowing up between the window and the draperies, wasn’t able to escape. The humidity caused black mold to form around the air vents and the ceiling. My question was if there was mold inside the air vent? If there was mold inside the air vents, was it inside the ductwork too?  Then I had to ask if there was mold, since I had already moved, was it my job to take care of? I think I’ll leave that up to the new owners.


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