Reasons not to get air conditioning

I know that in this day and age, it is going to sound odd for me to tell you that I hate air conditioning.  It isn’t anything I was able to get used to because we didn’t have air conditioning in our home. I grew up in an area where air conditioning wasn’t something that was common.  Our average summer temperature was only seventy-eight degrees, and that really isn’t air conditioning. Needless to say, when I got older and I found my partner, things changed.  He had been brought up down south and it is always hot down there. Seventy-eight is almost a winter temperature. I thought he was kidding when he said that he wouldn’t move into my house unless I had air conditioning.  I bought him a window air conditioner, but then he put it in the spare bedroom, and that is where he slept for three months. I didn’t like the idea that my fiance would rather sleep in the spare room rather than with me, and just because I didn’t have air conditioning.  I soon called the HVAC company and I asked about having central air conditioning installed in my home. At least I could have Zone Control, and I would be able to turn it off in the rooms that I used the most. He would have the air conditioning in bedroom while I snuggled beneath the blankets.  He was really thankful for my generous offer to have the air conditioning installed. I finally got to sleep with my fiance in the same bed with me.

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