The heater is not the greatest

I am one of those people who don’t like the winter weather.  I lived in the south for many years, and I never really experienced the kind of winters that I am now exposed to.  My wife loves the winter, but she was brought up in the north. You can imagine her shock when I agreed to move up north with her, when she was offered a job in her home town region.  I was suddenly going to ice hockey games and rooting with fans of curling, which I didn’t know was a sport until we moved. I am managing with the cold, but only because I turn up the thermostat to seventy-five, whenever I am in the house.  She is forever chiding me on how much energy we are wasting with the thermostat being set so high, but I don’t care. She wants me to set the thermostat at sixty-eight, just to save money. I don’t think so. Last year, for Christmas, she bought me a personal space heater.  I know that it was a snide comment on my not enjoying the winter, but I smiled graciously and told her thank you. I put the heater in my office, so I was warmer as I worked. She may think it is funny, and she may like making fun of me for always being cold, but I can turn the tables on her.  She has never been in really hot temperatures. Maybe I’ll take her south to visit family this summer. Do you think she’d like a personal air conditioner for her birthday?

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