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When I started out in my senior year of high college, I got a large promotion at my work. I had been working at the local grocery store for the past 18 months, and they promoted me to assistant employer. I was surprised to acquire the promotion, especially since I was still a senior in high college. I was going to be the night employer during the week and the day employer on the weekends. I was entirely gleeful for the promotion, although my job was just to keep the A/C running. I was glad mostly because it meant a large increase in my pay salary. I was making as much cash as my mom, and I finally decided to move out of the house. I found an ad in the paper for someone who was looking for a roommate to share the HVAC costs with. I could easily afford the rent, and the people I was with and I would be sharing the HVAC costs. I figured our HVAC costs to be around $100 a week, even during the summer season or winter. A few months after I moved into the apartment, I realize how lavish the HVAC costs would be. My roommate kept the HVAC unit on 24 hours a day. The HVAC unit was always running, and their indoor temperature in the apartment was always set to 74 degrees. My roommate enjoys the apartment to be very cold, and it didn’t bother me entirely  much. That was, until the  first HVAC bill came in the mail. The energy costs were harshly high. I wasn’t glad about spending the extra cash, and I decided to talk to our roommate about the HVAC situation.

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