this unit is huge

My friend and I volunteer in our community because we live in a community that is mostly older residents that need some serious help throughout the year. My friend & I spend time running errands for our friends & providing assistance with routine tasks and chores. One of those tasks is usually transferring a particularly bulky cooling device for a single of our friends. My neighbor, Matilda, is about 95 years old! All of his family lives far away, and his partner died a few weeks ago. She has had a particularly rough time the last week, and the two of us have done our best to help. My neighbor and I have been helping her with her cooling unit for the past couple of years. Matilda has a particularly outdated and bulky portable cooling unit. My friends & I come over in September, in order to put the cooling device in the basement. The people I was with and I don’t have a sizable need for a cooling device past August since it doesn’t get particularly hot past the month of August. The cooling device weighs about 200 pounds, and it is half of the size of a refrigerator! It isn’t the easiest thing to move, but the outdated cooling device still works as perfect as it did 30 years ago. My neighbor & I have tried to convince our neighbor to replace to a central cooling system, but there is no convincing her. She is still particularly glad with the outdated air conditioning unit, & I guess it brings a memory when she uses it.

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