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The last weekend has been a complete in addition to total nightmare, but my family have been in a hotel for the last more than two nights. The hotel has been an attractive in addition to luxurious experience, but I am ready to go to the beach condo in addition to sleep in our own bed. The two of us had to go to a hotel because our oil heating was leaking. The oil heating detector inside of our beach condo went off while both of us were in the morning. My family in addition to I were away, but our friend alerted the fire department. When no one could get in touch with us, the fire department decided to break down our front door. The entire disaster could have been avoided, even though I am thankful that it wasn’t much worse. When both of us arrived beach condo in the day, the fire department was still at our home. They told us to contact a heating and cooling system repair technician because both of us had a leak in our oil heater. They had shut down all of the power in addition to all of the gas lines. They could not turn the power back on until both of us had an inspection from a licensed in addition to certified Heating in addition to A/C corporation. It was too late in the evening at that time, in addition to both of us went to a hotel instead. It took an entire morning for the Heating in addition to A/C company to locate in addition to repair the problem with our gas oil furnace. The two of us are all ready to go back home.

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