It’s time to wrap things up

I have been entirely working for our supplier for the past seven years, but all of us started from a entirely tiny office space and have expanded into a substantial multimillion dollar business! There has been a lot of complications in the past, but our supplier has continued to grow successfully. I started out entirely working at an entry-level task, but now I am one of the vice presidents. All of us are going to be opening up a brand new building downtown next week. The building is located right in the Heart of the City, and the two of us have transformed a single of the city’s historic buildings. It has been a crazy project, but the two of us have finally come to a close. All of us had a dozen odd complications with building inspectors & HVAC device complications. Our HVAC device supplier assured us that the two of us would pass every time, yet something seemed to happen just the same. It was a difficult task to outfit this historic building with a modern & high-tech HVAC device. Everyone knew that there would be some hiccups along the way, yet the two of us did not anticipate more than 2 months delays at a time. Now that the HVAC device permits are out of the way, the final steps are being made in our building. All of us are set to go in two months, and I cannot wait to see all of the finished details. Everything about the project has been entirely quiet because our owners want everyone to be equally surprised. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about individual offices, & I’ve heard other rumors about Pepsi bars on every floor. There is no telling what is true, & what is just office gossip.

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