Natural gases

When my husband and I moved into our home, it had these odd looking pipes, right in the middle of the basement.  The basement had been separated into three different rooms, and garage was shut off totally.  My husband parked all of his motorcycles in the garage, so they would stay warm from the furnace, and then he proceeded to knock a hole in the wall.  He said that if he wanted to work on them, he didn’t want to have to walk outside.  We now had a door that led from the basement into the garage.  We realized that the odd pipes were a radon mitigation system.  Our home was built on a rock ledge.  Since there is a lot of granite and shale in the rock, it is constantly becoming eroded.  As the erosion occurs, it emits a gas called radon.  Before we knocked the whole in the wall, that led to the garage, the radon had nowhere to escape, and it had been building up in the basement.  The radon mitigation system successfully moved the radon from the basement and eliminated it out into the air where it could dissipate naturally.  My husband joked that we could get rid of the radon mitigation system, since he had now created his own way for it to get out of the basement.  After we put windows in the basement, and created an entrance that went directly into the basement, I sort of agreed.  We opted to keep the radon system in place, because we liked the idea of having a separate apartment downstairs, for when the kids came home.

radon mitigation system 

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