cleaning all the hair out

My two parents decided to go away on a two-week-long cruise. They didn’t want to board their Collies, so I decided to have them stay at our venue. It is a much further drive from their house to our work, so it made sense to have them in our home. I grew up with these two animals, whose names are Fin and Fish. I have never had any concerns with them in our home, and it was going to be a relaxing visit. The dogs and I had a lovely time while in those two weeks, and it was nice to have them there when I got to the house from work. After they picked them up, there was a terrible lingering aroma of pet in the air. I didn’t notice it while the dogs were there, but I could smell it in the air conditioning vents after they left. I decided to clean all afternoon on Friday; thus, I removed every single air conditioning vent. I used a soapy brush to clean all the air conditioning ducts. I didn’t want the smell of dogs to be in our condo forever. It had never been this exhausting in the past, but I guess dogs smell extra bad sometimes. I cleaned all 15 of the HVAC vents in our home, and I could still smell the dogs in the air the next afternoon. The local Heating and Air Conditioning specialist asked if I had changed the air filter, and I chuckled to myself. I never even thought about increasing the air filter, and I knew that was likely to be the issue.

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