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Indoor air quality is a critical need for all of us, but especially our children… Poor indoor air quality can cause an infant to become ill more often due to airborne illnesses or allergens spreading throughout a home. Additionally, poor indoor air quality is a direct contributor to a house becoming more dirty plus dusty at a faster rate. To address air quality inside a beach house or business, I’ve realized that the first locale to look is the air filter… Used to ensure the heating and ACs aren’t circulating debris, the air filter is arguably one of the most pressing parts of the HVAC plan – plus the cheapest to replace! Generally, when someone is dealing with their air quality gradually getting worse, the cause is often found in a dirty air filter that needs to be replaced. However, if you live in a section that has a lot of trees plus vegetation, the incredible amounts of pollen plus other allergens can’t be helped with a conventional air filter. This is when a media air filter would come into play: the media air filter is much thicker plus designed to catch far more particulates circulated into the house. I can say with certainty that a media air filter was a wise choice for me when I had problems indoor air quality at my home. Other than an improved air filter for the HVAC system, it also helps sizably to have a certified heating and AC maintenance professional scrub out the air duct of the entire house. The task can be accomplished by the homeowner, sure – but the professional will have necessary tools to ensure the air duct has been effectively cleaned out! Ever since I had a media air filter installed plus a thorough cleaning of my air duct, my beach home’s air quality has skyrocketed! Plus, the AC can cool down the house at a faster rate now with the absence of dirt plus dust restricting airflow.

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