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This passed summer our town had a flash flood for just about three whole days. That entire time we had rain upon rain, without it letting up at all, some of our roads in the county were even under water. I never would have imagined such an amount of water falling from the sky so quickly! So bizarre to have that much rain and to be under flood watch for an extended period of time. On the plus side, we didn’t lose power like so many other people in our area did. It is a blessing we didn’t lose power too because had our bottom levels sump pump stopped working, it would have filled right up with water! We still ended up having slight flooding on the bottom level, about several inches worth – this caused some problems with the central air conditioning component and our furnace, we think, because the bottom level is where they are both located. I screeched when I saw the water sloshing around the bases of both units, fearing this would be an expensive fix for our heating and cooling systems plus labor for the technicians to come out. Once the water receded and we cleaned out the entire basement, we had a heating and cooling technician come out to survey the problems that had occurred. Boy, were we happy to hear how lucky we were; only some minor damage to the cooling component but nothing wrong with the furnace! I was shocked they were in working order after all that mess!

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