I can’t believe the heat

Some of my friends and I worked at an outdoor festival tonight, volunteering for our church. We all talked to people; my friends also handed out some shirts and candy, I did some face painting on the boys and girls who wanted it done! It was a super fun event to volunteer for, especially because I love face painting – I painted some animals on the boys and girls’ faces as well as some zombies. I’m really good at face painting and it was awesome to see my art all over the festival! Unfortunately, that was the only “cool” part about our night! It was such a scorcher outside, even after sunset. I was a puddle of sweat by the end of the night under our tent and I’m surprised the kids didn’t have face paint dripping down their faces. I absolutely started to wish that the people I was with and I had decided to take the section inside with the air conditioning that we were first offered – we just didn’t think we would need it, nor did we think it was going to be such a scorcher! Too bad you can’t adjust the outdoor temperature with a thermostat! Come nightfall, around 7:00 PM, as more sweat piled on my back, I was really craving some air conditioning to cool me off instead of continuing to melt outside. Not to take away from the awesome deed that volunteering is, but I will definitely be inside an air conditioned room on my next time around; either that or I’ll be having my portable air conditioning right beside me!

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