That was perfect timing

Many of my friends complain about how busy their lives are. Their work schedules make them miss something they love to do. Things like that. What I find funny about it, is that when they have an opportunity to stay home, to relax or do much less than on a typical day, they complain about that too. My friends don’t get much sympathy from me on that point. If they want to complain that they’re never able to watch their favorite shows while also complaining that they had to spend the whole day at home waiting for the HVAC repairman to be done working on the heating and cooling system, they shouldn’t expect me to agree with them. In my mind, if you have a rare day where literally the only thing you are doing is having a heating and cooling repair company come to your house, it seems to me that you’d be able to get in some of that oh-so-missed TV time. I mean it is literally the perfect scenario to do that, so why complain about having to stay home all day and do nothing? I mean it is like they just are never happy. If they’re working, it is too much, but when they don’t have to work, then they aren’t doing enough. It is honestly bizarre. For me, those days where I’m having something going on like the HVAC company is over repairing my furnace, is a real inconvenience. I work from home, and I’m constantly doing something. I’m doing my work or I’m cleaning or getting things done around the house, or more often than anything else what is probably happening is I’m doing all of it at once. From eight a.m. until eight p.m. I’m always doing something and when I’m having to alter that productivity to allow the HVAC repair company rein of the house, it is extremely inconvenient. The difference between my friends and I, however, is that on those days I’m just happy to sit down and binge watch TV episodes of my favorite shows.

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