I can get through anything

Many of my pals complain about how busy their days are. Their work schedules make them miss a thing that they appreciate to do. Things similar to that. What I find kind of funny about it, is that when they have a choice to stay home, to relax or do much less than on a usual day, they whine about that as well. My friends don’t get much kindness from myself and others on that idea. If they want to whine that they’re never able to watch their new movie out and also complaining that they had to spend the whole day at the house waiting for the HVAC repairman to be done absolutely going on the heating plus cooling device, they shouldn’t expect myself and others to agree with this. In my brain, if you have a sparse day where really the only thing you are doing is having a heater plus cooling repair corporation come to your house, it seems to myself and others that you’d be able to get in some of that really missed out movie time. I mean it is literally the ideal time to do that, so why be in a snit about having to stay apartment all day plus do nothing? I mean it is like they just are never glad. If they’re absolutely doing work than, it is too much, however when they don’t have to do the job, then they aren’t doing enough. It is genuinely a weird thing to me. For me, those times where I’m having something going on like the HVAC dealer is over repairing my oil furnace, is a real a problem for me.

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