I wasn’t worried about this

My pals complain about how tied up their lives happen to be. Their office schedules make them miss a thing they enjoy to do. Things just like this. What I find funny about it, is that when they a time to just hang out, and relax or do much less than on a usual afternoon, they whine about it too. My pals don’t get much sympathy from me when that happens. If they want to complain that they’re never able to watch their movies while also complaining that they had to spend the whole day at beach home waiting for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C repairman to be done working on the heating and cooling device, they shouldn’t expect me to agree with them. In our head, if you have a rare afternoon where literally the only thing you are doing is having a heating and cooling service supplier come to your house, it seems to me that you’d be capable to get in some of that oh-so-missed movie time. I mean it is literally the ideal scenario to do that, so why complain about getting to stay home all afternoon and do not one thing? I mean it is like they just are never ecstatic. If they’re at the office, it is too much, but when they don’t have to work, then they aren’t doing enough. It is certainly a weird thing to hear about. For me, those afternoons where I’m having a thing going on like the Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier is over repairing our furnace, is a real hardship on me because I work from home.

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