Who complains about a heater!

My mom and I have had an ongoing debate for as a long as I can remember! I understand where she is coming from, but she doesn’t try to understand my side. She is consistently looking for ways to save. She chips at the budget for food, household items, everything. If something asks for a warranty, she won’t pay it. She just thinks she will handle that issue should it come to pass. If her Heating or Air Conditioning asks for a little bit more money for an annual maintenance plan, she will say that she can clean out her own Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I have suggested many times that this might not be the best choice. Although I prefer to clean out and change my own air filters for my Heating and Air Conditioning system, I still follow through with the annual maintenance plan. I guess that an HVAC specialist is going to see around my air conditioning or heating unit than I can. He was trained for this job, but Mom says that she has a tool for anything and it’s just a matter of finding the right one to do the job. Well, she learned her lesson the hard way this Winter season, when the worst cold front came in fast. It was below freezing and everyone was worried. We weren’t used to this cold weather, people’s furnaces were struggling to keep their homes warm. Of course, at the first chance, Mom’s HVAC unit conked out on her. She couldn’t figure out the problem this time and her pipes froze within just a few days. The damage was thousands of dollars to fix. If she had just spent a few extra dollars in pocket money, the HVAC specialist would have seen the underlying issue before it happened.

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