Someone is working on it

Me and some friends went on a trip to go to the casino. It was going to be a great time! However, it was a very hot and humid day. Nevertheless, all of us figured it would be perfect inside of the casino and when we went in, everything was perfectly cool. Their a/c sure was on point. We got to gambling at different machines, playing slots, blackjack, and even poker. I was at one of the slot machines and it seemed like I was pretty much breaking even. Then I started to notice that it was getting kind of hot. I asked an employee if they could adjust the temperature control. They informed me that they were experiencing an issue with the HVAC system. They had a tech working on it at that very moment. I thought this was just great, then after a while, my other friends sought me out and said they were getting way too hot. It also was feeling a bit humid inside as well. I told them that I asked about the a/c earlier and they had someone working on it, and just as I said that, all of us saw the HVAC technician leaving the casino. Then the cool air returned and it was starting to become comfortable again. I said, “See, there you have it.” Both of us decided to stick around and enjoy ourselves some more. It was a pretty nice casino. I was glad that the HVAC system failure didn’t completely ruin our experience since they had it fixed so promptly. I was trying to win the jackpot, after all!

HVAC tune-up 

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