Central HVAC equipment

My cousin has recently been going through a really difficult time since getting out of a terrible, abusive relationship. As a result, his entire life has seemingly spiraled downward ever since the breakup.  He’s unemployed and has spent too much time being fairly listless, staying at a friend’s beach house. He has also isolated himself from others, drinking too much from 6 – 10 pm every night. That’s why my boyfriend and I suggested that he come and stay with us for a while, hoping that the change of living conditions might be helpful until he can get back on his feet. We have lots of unused areas in our house, so it would be no big deal to host him for awhile. We decided to clean out the sun room for him to stay in, but quickly found that our central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system does not extend to that room. And the system doesn’t even have air ducts that run to that room. In the warmer months, that room gets quite hot and stuffy, so we knew that we would need to come up with a plan for temperature control before he could live there. We first bought a window air conditioner from the HVAC company that we buy from, and installed it without any trouble. Then I pulled an electric radiator from the basement for the cooler nights. Lastly, we bought a portable air filtration unit to circulate and purify the air, removing dust and mold particles from the room. Now the sun room is in wonderful condition  – with ideal air quality for my cousin’s stay.

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