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I don’t think that I’m very high maintenance for the most part. I pride myself with getting by with very little, having been raised that way. I certainly don’t feel entitled. I’m more than happy to eat macaroni and cheese until I get to the discount grocery store, I shop at thrift stores as much as possible, and I will leave the lights off until the last possible minute at night. Anything to save a few pennies here and there. That being said, there is one area in which I am quite demanding and fussy – in fact – I will not budge on this! I absolutely must have a very cold room for sleeping at night. I can’t get to sleep if I don’t have a heavy comforter on my body, so of course that means that I have to set the thermostat to very cold. In the winter this is simple enough – I simply open a window before I go to bed. Mother Nature does the rest – and for free. But the other three seasons are a bit of a problem. I have no choice but to run the A/C at very low temperatures in order for me to go to sleep (with my comforter!). In the spring and fall, there are many nights where  the outdoor air temperature is chilly enough that, with the windows open, there’s no need to run the a/c. But in the summer, it is a big problem. I have to turn the AC setting down so low before going to bed that my penny-pincher self frets about the amount of energy that is being wasted. I’m considering buying a zone controlled cooling system for next summer. That way,  I can cool my bedroom exclusively with the A/C, saving energy caused by my bad sleeping habits.

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