It’s very luxurious here

I cannot believe all of the advancements in today’s society that have been in my lifetime so far. I grew up before age the Internet, and I still remember my dad making a snide comment about cell phones being a passing fad. Among the list of areas that I think has come quite some distance is the HVAC industry. Having central a/c and heating as kid was a fairly big deal, and I had some friends that do not have central heating, just a fireplace or space heaters. Some friends did not have central air cooling, just a window air physical fitness unit. In my house nowadays, I not only have central heating and cooling, but I also got heated floors installed in my bathroom and kitchen and also a HVAC thermostat system. The heated floors at my bathroom and kitchen are just delightful! I used to hate running on cold tile floors, also now, I have cozy heated floors to keep me comfortable. Now, I can walk barefoot with my house, even in cold environment! The heated floors were not expensive to set up to all, and they save me money on my utility bills. Comes with a luxury that I indulged within was heated seats for your car. Heated seats are one one of the great inventions in my opinion, and since I spend hours of every day in my car, the investment was worth it! I am glad that I live in a day and time in which I often be truly comfortable, no matter if I’m my home or car!


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