The smart HVAC when I am at classes

The choice to go back to school and study what I really love has guided me well through life. Going to school was a huge change in routine though, since I had to adjust a few things in my life. I had to keep a far tighter budget due to spending more on school and working less often. I also needed to keep my lights off in the daytime. When I would leave for class, didn’t don’t want to waste electricity in my apartment while I was gone. One of the best investments I made, however, was in a smart thermostat. Yes, I shouldn’t have spent cash needed for school, but I already bought textbooks, notebooks and many other supplies for class. The smart temperature control saved me some serious cash in the long haul! Before the smart thermostat, I had the heating system going while I got ready for glass, then turned down the thermostat quite a bit. I couldn’t leave my home totally unheated unless I wanted to clean up the mess from burst water pipes. I didn’t want the heating left at a high setting with me not home, either! When I came back to a cold apartment, I reset the temperature control higher and waited around forever to get quality heating. This type of schedule was never worth maintaining! When the Springtime semester came around, I just never have the A/C plan running and put up with the heat – I’d been saving for a new smart thermostat anyway!The smart temperature control learned my schedule, and the program was easily setup and installed.

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