We don’t understand the radon system

When my son, Randy, told me that he had chosen  his career, I was relieved.  He had been floundering and working odd jobs for awhile.   Randy had decided to enter the HVAC field.   This sounded like a great plan.  Several years later, Randy was running  his own small business as an HVAC contractor and was looking to expand.  He had started offering inspections to new home buyers and it was quite lucrative.  He inspected the home for mold & mildew growth.  He performed blower door testing and other strategies to uncover energy leaks and air quality concerns.  He took some classes to become properly certified.  His modern involved the possibility of radon gas poisoning.  These classes opened up a new avenue of service for his company.  In the area where we live, there are frequent problems with radon gas.  Our area is known for the shale and granite concentration in the ground.  The erosion of the rock creates pockets of radon gas.  Any home with insufficient ventilation can be faced with concerns of radon gas.   Randy  was going to be able to provide complete homeowner inspection, and provide testing for all sorts of issues  from a faulty HVAC, to lack of adequate ventilation.  He soon made our home his guinea pig and tested for everything.  He brought the test kit for radon gas home.  I was relieved to find that we did not have a high concentration of radon gas.  Randy explained the equipment which is capable of resolving the problem, and it didn’t sound all that complex or expensive.  

ventilation system 

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