Radon detection tips

The worst gifts at Christmas time are ones from your parents that are practical. My dad is the king of giving boring, but much needed gifts. He also questions you later on if you used his gift. So I always make it a point to use his gift so that when he asks I can say how helpful it is. His most recent gift was a radon detector kit. Isn’t that a fun gift? First I researched radon since I had no clue what it was. I knew it had something to do with cancer. Well it is a cancer causing gas that is from uranium decaying in rock. The gas is virtually undetectable. You need a specific detector in order to test and see if you have dangerous radon levels. Second, I then wondered if my dad saw a documentary or a movie that dealt with radon. It was such a random gift. My next course of action was to research how to use my little detector. To use an at home radon detection kit is quite easy. Shut the windows, doors and go to the lowest level in your house. This happened to be my basement. Then you set up the radon detector and let it sit for awhile. Then you come back and see what level of radon you have. Most homes have some radon. The question is if the level is too high or not. 4 and higher is considered dangerous. I was totally fine and not in any danger. It was a waste of 30 minutes but I at least told my dad that I checked for radon with his kit.

radon detectors 

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