This is a problem

My mom tends to get obsessed with various things.  She then hounds me to do some task or other.  One of her things is telling me I need to vote in the local elections.  She even offers to drive me to the polls, when I couldn’t care less about it.  Another one of her things is  recycling,  She worries about the environment, which I understand.  She has gone so far as to  buy  me special cans and stickers so that I can also participate.  The latest thing is radon gas.  Mom is worried about the radon levels in my home. Radon is a poisonous gas, which has been linked to causing cancer.  Radon  leaks out of the soil and build up in a homeowner’s basements. My mother is certain I am at risk of cancer and wants me to test for radon. I wish I could  just sniff the air and  detect radon on my own. Since this gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless, there is no way to detect it without a special radon testing kit.  This reveals the radon levels in your house.  If they are above the recommended amount, steps need to be taken. I have looked into the different testing kits.  There is an alpha track detector which looks like a smoke alarm. Or there is an Electret Ion Chamber that looks similar to a small metal can. Either of those devices can provide a reading of the radon levels and see if it is dangerous. I can’t just buy these items at the store. I had to search online, spend the money and then set up the radon detection kit. So I procrastinated for a while.   I am positive there is no radon in my home. I rarely use my basement anyway. My mother will not let up. She is determined that I test for radon.

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