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As a superintendent I have to make a ton of decisions when it comes to our school. One of the biggest things I worry about is money. I can’t spend over budget and I need to save money where I can. Recently the school got rid of the old boiler system. It was my job to come up with a better HVAC method for the school. I started researching energy efficient HVAC systems and I stumbled upon something quite neat. I found building automation systems. The automation systems are programs that can control every aspect of the building. It is like having a smart building. It is a complete building management system and I would never have to lift a finger to run it. I read a ton of information and I was excited about the school energy savings I could link up to. There is an automation server that can control the heating, cooling, electric and security purposes in the building. The integrated HVAC control system handles all the heating and cooling in every area of the building. I can even set the temperature control system to only heat and cool certain areas in the building. The computer lab can have higher auc than the classrooms. The gym’s air conditioning won’t affect the cafeteria. I don’t need to have smart thermostats everywhere either, the HVAC control system handles all of those things. Also having an automated lighting control system will save a bunch of money as well. The janitor always forgets about our lights. There are even security systems in place that I am excited about. This could be a game changer.

smart building 

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