This old home is gorgeous

Your younger sister just bought a home in a prime neighborhood of our modest town. She just received a promotion working, and since she has no plans to get married anytime soon, she made a decision to put the extra money into something she always dreamed of doing; getting a historic home. Her place was bought for a really good price, and while at first it seemed that house would not need lots of work, she is now discovering it’s in really bad shape. The major problem is modernizing the house without destroying its antique charm. The house fails to even have central air energetic or heating! The previous owners endured living there using only window air conditioners, but my sister thinks it’s unsightly and inefficient. She would like to get a brand new, energy effective HVAC system installed. Unfortunately, because this is the historic homes, there are lots of hoops that she has to jump right through to get that new HVAC equipment installed in the home. First of all, she has to get quotes from one or two different HVAC companies to determine the easiest way to install heating and cooling ductwork without destroying the historical integrity of the property. Then, she has to get those plans approved from the local government. This process may take months and will certainly be very expensive! Having HVAC will be really wonderful, but my sister is now seriously doubting no matter whether it is worth building central air conditioning and home heating installed!


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