My neighbor is a nice guy

My neighbor and I get along really well. We always go to sports together and when the weather is bad out, we will go watch football and buy pizza and stay in. He happens to be an HVAC technician and it is very handy when things go awry. I have called him many times to check my HVAC system when things needed fixing. Since we are so shut down, he barely charges me a single thing when he does HVAC work for me. I usually pay him back by having him over for a few beers or ordering food. Not long ago, however, something terrible happened to my HVAC system. I noticed for a few weeks that my thermostat seemed to not match the temperature around my house, but did not think it was issue. However, one morning I heard my HVAC system make an attempt to power on and all I heard was a loud bang result from the vents. I was certainly my HVAC ductwork in my home had completely cracked in my walls. Nervous and in a panic about the issue, I called my neighbor along with asked him to come over to check out the HVAC unit. Apparently, the ductwork connections had unfastened in the wall and needed to be replaced. Normally, an issue similar to this would cost at least a lot of dollars in HVAC equipment together with services. But, since my neighbor is a good friend of mine and will do some reliable HVAC work, he was able to save my HVAC unit at the half the cost. I really don’t know what I would do without him!

HVAC tune-up 

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