I don’t need the installation

I am from a tiny neighborhood on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. And when I say I was on the coast, I mean I was right there. Our house was near the edge of a drop off that lead straight down into a harbor on the coast. I think I could literally scoop up a piece of gravel in my driveway and throw it into the ocean, that’s how close both of us were! We relocated when I was a kid, but my family never sold the home, which is how I was able to relocate back there last year. The house was exactly as we all had left it, right down to the fact that we had no air conditioning, and one outdated wood burning gas furnace in the corner of the kitchen. The gas furnace was so old that it was also designed to be a working stove, but it was still in great shape. The climate there is so nice and temperate, with barely any heat waves, that I decided to forgo put in a central air conditioning system and just get a window AC unit for my bedroom. With that to keep me cool, and the outdated gas furnace to keep me toasty, I figured that would be all I needed. What I hadn’t thought about was all the other features that come with a current HVAC system, enjoy the air filters to clean the air and the dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the inside. Because of this, I have to fight a lot of mildew and mold in my home, but aside from that I am super glad with the gas furnace.

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