This basement is so wet

My wife Luna plus I had been handling some problems with our water heater. Everyday Luna and I would go to take a rinse, the water was icy cold. The water out of the sinks only would supply us cold water. At first I thought the water heater temperature was not set that well. I had to go down into the lower area plus I saw that dial was set just right. A quick switch on the dial would have saved a ton of cash. But of course our issue ended in the boiler system. Luna plus I use a heater as a water heater. The heater heats the water for all of our plumbing needs. The boiler is meant to be able to reside over 35 years. I had never gotten any repairs on the boiler before. So when I had to phone someone for a repair, I was not sure what to do. Who is right for this job? The boiler plan is sort of a furnace. It also does heat our house, which means it could be a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker that deals with it. However, the boiler plan is serving as a water heating system for our pipes. The hot water is linked to all our plumbing fixtures. That is why I decided to call a seasoned plumber instead. Maybe I should have called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor since the plumber costed me a ton of money to fix the water furnace problem. After he went away too, the hot water went out after a few mornings.


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