I know that I should take care of my HVAC system

I don’t mean to brag, but I take really great care of my HVAC system. I always keep up with maintenance tasks that I can do as well as have certified HVAC technicians check my system over twice annually. The technicians that come over are pretty great for the most part. I usually get praise for keeping my system so well maintained. I certainly believe that it has extended the overall life of my HVAC. I take pride in switching out the old filters with new high quality ones. I clean the outdoor condenser unit by myself. I just shut the power off to it and remove the grill. I proceed to remove all debris. I make sure there are no plants or vegetation anywhere near the unit. I spray towards the outside of the unit to remove the blockage in the coil fins. I am extra careful so I don’t bend those fins. They are rather delicate. I must say that it’s very satisfying to be able to handle some things on my own when it comes to my HVAC system. I always make sure to leave the rest to the professionals though. I always make sure that they have my ductwork clean. I do have a few pets and I certainly don’t want my ductwork to become clogged. That would raise my utility bills for certain. I do enjoy saving money so I will never let that happen. It’s my philosophy to always be proactive when taking care of the home. The most important thing to maintain your health and your house is to properly maintain the HVAC system.

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