It’s not easy finding my home

I used to think that my house had drainage issues. No matter what I did my toilet was terrible at flushing. Dumping drain cleaner down the pipes did not help. I always knew that every other day, I would need to get out the plunger and remove all blockage. I even used a plumbers snake before after I took the toilet off. Still, my drainage with the toilet was horrible. After my husband and I got a new toilet for the bathroom I realized what the issue was. The actual toilet was the problem, not my drainage. I spent so much time, effort and money worried about my pipes and they were fine. It makes sense though. If you spend more money on any item, you get a better product. My husband and I for once didn’t cheap out when buying a toilet. We bought one that was proper for our home and was a bit more expensive. It sits on the floor easier, cleans up nicer and also flushes way better. The flushing power is so shocking. The water literally floods the bowl and takes care of everything. Now that the toilet is so great, I want to update all of my plumbing fixtures. It has me wondering if I should spend more money on all my items. Perhaps my shower head should be better. I could get a better washing machine. My dishwasher has always been a pain. Perhaps I need a newer model installed. It is a new revelation for sure discovering that better toilets equal better flushing.

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