The intense ac in the theme park

I went to this theme park with my wife and our two kids last weekend. This is the kind of park that is ideal for people who adore roller coasters and 3D attractions… Since I am neither of these of people, I go as protection for my wife – which really means that I hold her things and eat churros while she and the kids ride some crazy ride I won’t go near. During this visit, the park was running their Halloween themed event through the night. I had to admit, it was cool to see all the terrifying costumes and cool production-level settings, but it wasn’t so cool to be bored in line for hours to enter a single “haunted trail!” At a single point in the night, I started a timer on my phone as all of us entered the line queue for a post apocalyptic haunted trail. This line had no form of A/C at all, anywhere! There was no motor-powered A/Cs, portable A/Cs, ceiling fans, or even the misting fans that you see in parks in the south! For more than 2 hours, my family of four had to endure a slower-than-molasses line with zero A/C on an eighty-eight degree night! It was horrid. Our only relief came from the line queue splitting in front of the entrance to another ride, as that ride had freezing A/C blasting directly at the front door! Plus, once all of us absolutely entered the “underground haunted trail,” all of us abruptly cooled off due to the excellent
A/C they had in the spare building where the spook walk was set up. I will admit that the haunted trail were legitimately well made, and the monster actors were legitimately convincing! Still, even though they were meant to terrify us out of the attraction, none of us would’ve minded having to circle through the whole thing again if it meant staying in the air conditioned building.

air cooling

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