Happy with our powerful a/c unit

In the decade I’ve spent as a legal adult, I’ve been through various hardships. I’ve seen a first relationship, and a first awful breakup. A first job, and a first termination… Then there’s been so various situations I’ve had to endure that were strenuous in the moment, however ultimately helped me become a better person. But in spite of all I’ve seen, I don’t believe there is anything in my entire life has correctly prepared me for the endless supply of patience and perseverance I need to be a parent! As I write this now, my 4 week-old child is in my wife’s arms, crying hysterically any time she is set down. Then while my wife and I are at our wits end, the two of us suppose that sometimes a baby is just going to cry. All the two of us can do is make sure the little one isn’t really in agony. After that, she and I just have to ignore the cries! One trick the two of us did learn, thank god, is how the baby will relax if the two of us set her directly under an air conditioner vent. Thankfully, the two of us have small-diameter, high-velocity ductwork installed in our rural home. This ductwork allows air to circulate out through the supply vents, so air will come out of the registers with a greater force than normal air vents. This makes it so that standing directly under the HVAC duct vent is similar to being directly cooled or warmed, which can be cathartic on a certainly sizzling or freezing afternoon… For the baby, being under these vents is more comforting than being in the arms of her own parents! We’re just thankful to have an ace in the hole when the little one can’t be consoled… Otherwise, I don’t know we’d have a chance!

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