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My ancient heating plus cooling unit finally went belly up.  It had served us well so, I wasn’t too mad about getting a new unit in place.  Replacing the old AC unit was well overdue anyway. The AC unit has been doing appealing work for 18 years.  It also still used R 22 refrigerant which will soon be illegal to produce in the US. I figure I’m just getting a jump on all the AC upgrades and changes that will happen after February 1, 2020.  R 22 refrigerant will be extraordinarily rare once it is no longer manufactured. So, even if our AC unit wasn’t at the end of its usefulness, I’d upgrade it. In order to do our part to get the most out of our new A/C, I decided to be proactive.  There were five windows on the third floor which were not double paned. I brought in a guy to rip the ancient windows out. Then, he plus I were able to get new windows in by the end of the following day. Now, the third floor is sealed tighter. I then went up to the attic as my heating and cooling tech recommended.  Apparently, multiple people forget all the important heating plus cooling factors an attic presents. First, I checked the ducts to see if they were sagging or had any gaps. I understand a home can lose nearly 30 percent of treated air to air duct leaks. Pleasantly surprised, I found all of the air ducts to be in great shape.  Next, I went about sealing around the perimeter of the attic plus in between joists. The last thing I did to help our new AC unit was to sit down more necessary R 60 insulation. I covered all of the ancient insulation with new rolls from the hardware store. Now, when our new AC unit with a SEER rating of 27 comes, our house will finally be ready.  I wanted to be sure I was leveraging the new AC efficiency by giving it a better opening to operate more effectively.

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