Want the HVAC

I get so fed up listening to angry homeowners whine about upgrading essential aspects of their home.  Realtors don’t make these suggestions to be unhelpful or annoying. Actually, realtors make these recommendations to attempt to engender the most sellable property possible.  Many homeowners who are trying to sell simply don’t understand this dynamic at all. They view a realtor as someone who only wants to deceive them or get more commission. The heating and air conditioning confrontations are the worst.  Fortunately, they don’t happen all that often with my current job. But, when they do occur, they can be doozies to say the least. I understand replacing a heating and air conditioning setup is an extravagant project. Realtors like myself don’t want to make these types of recommendations lightly.  But, when a heater and air conditioner legitimately warrants replacing, that is the only recommendation I can give. I even try to get the seller in the buyer’s mindset if at all possible. They are not looking for a new home for their family that is full of old nearly broken appliances. Buyers are recognizably wary of an old heating and air conditioning systems that can damage their health.  And who can blame them in that event? If the stubborn seller doesn’t want to comply to replace suggestions at the bare minimum, he or she should seriously consider selling at rock bottom prices. The heater and air conditioner should be a total gem or easily a go to aspect of the seller’s home. No serious buyer, in their right mind, would willingly request a dilapidated heating and air conditioning unit.  Along with floors, bedrooms and staging, the heater and air conditioner should be a heavy selling element. The heating and air conditioning proposal cannot ever be a selling deterrent. Maybe I’m just done and fed up with the heating and air conditioning confrontation. Perhaps, I’ll just put it all down with easy to read stats in brochure form. That might be more convincing to stubborn homeowners.

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