Getting good a/c in the south

When I was a kid, we used to live down in the southern region of the country. It would get super hot in the summer there, so we always seemed to skip spring weather most of the time & went straight from winter to summer. The temperatures down there in the spring & fall are entirely  difficult to predict! You never knew if you’re going to need to use the heating system, or the a/c in the afternoon. It typically gets entirely too hot and at a fast rate! Generally we used the central a/c component way more often than we ever used our oil furnace for heating. I guess that’s true for most of my family & friends, if they live in that space of the country. People from the south don’t usually sleep with their windows open, nor do they ever spend a summer afternoon without a/c if it can be helped! The only reason they might pass up on A/C for a sweltering hot summer time day, is generally if they were spending the day at the lake or a local pool. When the outside temperatures reach the nineties by mid-day, you’re well aware that it’s going to be a hot day. You are undoubtedly going to need to turn the temperature control way down to get through! One of the things that I never mind paying for now that I’m an adult is a good, high quality Heating & Air Conditioning system on a hot day. Central a/c entirely is a necessity, especially when you are from the South!

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