Cooling and the bad vibes

Last summer time was the summer of bad luck. Terrible things happened around our house without pause! I was starting to think we lived in a cursed condo! The people I was with and I undoubtedly had a run of terrible luck, in all reality. First of all, the giant oak tree in our front yard was struck by lightning while a storm came through. The tree then fell onto our garage, and destroyed the whole roof! After we finally got all of that mess cleaned up and repaired, the interior stuff started happening like our refrigerator, which stopped working altogether. We had to get a new one, and shortly after that our bathroom sink got all clogged with who knows what. After a plumber came to fix that issue, we had the worst of all problems come to pass: our central a/c component broke down, right in the middle of summer! The temperatures outside were astronomically high last year, so no A/C meant the temperature inside our condo got entirely  hot, entirely fast. As soon as the A/C stopped working, I called up the local Heating & Air Conditioning contractor for a visit. I asked them to come out & check out our a/c unit, and not only did it take numerous days for them to fit us into their schedule, the Heating & Air Conditioning tech didn’t have any of the tools that he needed to service the A/C when he arrived! He explained that he was just there to do an Air Conditioning Maintenance check, & that an Air Conditioning Repair would have to be billed separately on a different invoice. Can you believe that?! I was furious! He saw my face, and he quickly promised to put a rush on our repair!

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