Love her fireplace system

When our Grandma built her own place to retire in, she spared no expense; However, rather than just getting the newest and most luxurious things, she invested in reliable household updates that would last for generations of our family to inherit this property in the future, but one of the aspects of the place where she spent the bulk of her savings was on the HVAC system! My Grandma lives in the west, where winters can dump up to 12 feet of snow in a single day, the winters in this season also last eight weeks or more, so it was pressingly important for her to have a system of house heating that will work hard no matter what, but she chose the thing she always loved in her place growing up as a little girl–a wood burning fireplace, however while the place has a central oil gas furnace which does much of the heavy lifting, the fireplace keeps her from having to turn up the heat high at night. The fireplace gives her a fall back should she lose power as well! But unlike most fireplaces, our Grandma’s is seriously modern, with an HVAC venting system that literally throws the heat… Rather than having to be close to the fireplace, this enclosed system is able to heat the entire dining room, plus the kid’s playroom, without any trouble at all. The closed system also makes her fireplace incredibly straight-forward to light, which is a blessing as she and my Grandfather are getting on in age. My little brothers are always amazed when our grams lights the fireplace on Christmas in just a second. Then our mom and dad are impressed by how much heat it provides.

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