Cabin HVAC repair

Me and my wifey decided to purchase a tiny house out in the woods, we were very gratified with it. The only thing it needed was a nice HVAC system, it already came with a wood burning stove for heating and cooking purposes, however there was absolutely no air conditioner inside of this place. We got it for a very fantastic deal though so we easily weren’t complaining. We figured that for the amount of money we all saved in getting the venue, we all entirely had enough money to get some sort of nice heating and cooling system. I easily wanted some other type of heating other than just the wood burning stove, because I didn’t want to be chopping wood all of the time, and so I contacted an HVAC business and they sent out an HVAC worker to evaluate our cabin. Since there was no HVAC duct, he said the best option would be to go with a ductless mini-split system, and he said that this would entirely heat and cool the property efficiently and the price for this unit and replacement would be acceptable. We decided to go with the ductless mini-split unit and we couldn’t be more happy with it! We still use the wood burning stove, however we don’t have to rely on it for our heating needs. We are easily happy with the current ductless mini-split and I would easily suggest this type of system for anyone who doesn’t have HVAC duct inside of their household. Even if you had HVAC ducts, however it was destroyed, you could constantly upgrade to a ductless mini-split unit and you would be just fine and dandy.

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