My own space and HVAC

When I recently asked my fiance about getting a she shed, he was kind of put off about it.  He thought I should be cheerful about having my office already located in the house. My idea was that if I had a she shed, I could put my office out there.   Right now, it is too straight-forward and easy for everyone to just walk in plus rest down plus start talking. I get a lot of interruptions in this way. I absolutely don’t have any heating or a/c in my office at this time plus I need to count on getting all of my heat from the hallway.  This certainly is not a absolutely efficient way to get heat or AC in the room. I asked for a fan, but there wasn’t anyplace put the fan that wasn’t also currently a tripping hazard for me. I mentioned getting a ductless mini chop Heating plus Air Conditioning installed in the office, but there isn’t any outside wall that we could try to put the outside unit on.  Every suggestion I came up with, immediately was met with some kind of opposition to the idea plus it made a lot of sense. I mentioned the she shed out of jest, however I know he has made it a personal matter. I recognize I should have a location of my very own. He has the entire basement, except for the laundry room. He also has heating plus a/c plus he even gets the benefit of the whole little dehumidifier in the summer.  If I had a she shed, I could set it up as an office for myself. He could still come plus go, but I wouldn’t have the interruption of the house telephones plus the cable plus his stereo all of the time.

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