Older home HVAC update

It entirely wasn’t very long ago that things like air conditioning were strictly for the privileged few.  In fact US history shows that air conditioning was an absolute luxury that only a few elites could afford.  Thankfully, since I now own our own heating and cooling business, Heating & A/C components and systems have become quite the norm for my family. Every grocery store, post office, business and most homes have air conditioning and heating.  Rarely, do I find it otherwise. However, I did just recently install a brand current heating and cooling system component into an historic 1930’s bungalow just last week. That old home had never had any type of Heating & A/C in it at all, including HVAC ducts.  So I commanded the owner that a “ductless” mini-split Heating & A/C system should be the most obvious choice for the remodel of this historic home. Obviously, this type of a Heating & A/C unit works separate from HVAC duct, hence the name “ductless”. The ductless mini-split will eliminate any complications about where to locale HVAC duct into a house that has never needed HVAC ducts before.  That historic house has lovely wood floors and huge windows, almost up to the ceiling. By adding some strategically sited ceiling fans, the conditioned air will be moved briskly around the home quite well. The ductless mini-split Heating & A/C system that I just installed for him will heat and cool his house separate from upsetting the ambiance of the classic, historic style. Nor will the ductless mini-split technology terrify those lovely floors and heavy windows that he has in so several rooms.  As a matter of fact, with this new ductless mini-split system, the inside component sits unobtrusively high up on the wall, blasting out the conditioned air from above.

ductless multi split

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