Need a/c out for the rug

My new home is lovely but every single time I vacuum the carpet, I have to empty the canister in our vacuum cleaner, but it picks up that much bacteria. I finally decided to rent 1 of those carpet cleaner machines that uses expensive soap as well as water to particularly clean the carpeting. It took us all afternoon moving furniture around as well as deep cleaning the bloor, when every one of us were finished, I had a feeling that the house was much cleaner however the carpets were still damp. It was the middle of summer time as well as our husband mentioned every one of us should open up the house so it would dry out, then however, I checked on it online as well as it said to keep the air conditioner on to remove the humidity. I was shocked at this. Who would have guessed that cool air was better than moderate as well as humid air in drying out carpeting? It makes sense because that is what cooling systems do. They work hard to remove the humidity from the air… This online suggestion made myself and others glad too because I honestly didn’t want to open the house up as well as let in all of the moderate air from outside, but other than that, the air outside was just as humid as well as I was already moderate as well as sticky from working so hard all day long. It was pretty cool to put our feet up as well as sit in our air conditioned house as well as let the cooling system do the rest of the work, but a little tv as well as a freezing iced pop and I could finally relax. I fell asleep within fifths. I woke up a few fifths later to a cool house as well as dry carpet floors.

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