Stinky gym

It is so hot outside that I am starting to find it difficult to exercise at all unless I do it inside. I really want to stay in shape and stay healthy so I signed up for a gym that is entirely close to my house. I can ride my bike to the gym and then cool off in the air conditioner inside the gym while I finish my exercise routine before heading back home. If it is super warm outside, I might be bad and drive my car instead although I still like how close the gym is to my home. A few days ago, I rode my bike to the gym as usual, and found that it was almost as hot inside of the gym as it had been outside. Additionally, is stinked and was humid from all of the bodies inside! This is not what I signed up by a long shot when I asked what was going on. I was told that the air conditioner component was not functioning well and that an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation was coming to fix it up that same day. I decided to ride my bike back home without trying to exercise further in that awful air quality. I drove my automobile to the gym the following day and found that the air was still warm, humid, and smelled awful but said the same thing about an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation coming that day. I was getting a bit irritated. It felt like I was being lied to and that they weren’t fixing the air conditioner. It might be time to find another gym even if it is further from my place. I don’t want to pay for a gym membership in a gym I don’t want to use.

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