Hoping to service the HVAC

My family and I live in a part of the country that usually sees at least one or multiple hurricanes every year. Hurricane season is almost like fall season in that everybody stocks up on the food as well as water they need right before the massive event, however normally we fare pretty decent, but the occasional larger storm very beats up the town. Last month the people I was with and I got a major hurricane that caused a lot of disfigure, and as section of a cleanup as well as removal team, I was assigned to help with an apartment complex that was badly disfigured. Once the power was safely recovered, the people I was with and I made the decision to go to work repairing the Heating and Air Conditioning system in the building to help dry out the building. To help in this long process, in each room the people I was with and I moved to the people I was with and I installed a window mounted unit to help cool the air as well as remove the humidity. These units sat in the window sill, so they had the added bonus of being out of the way of everything. Naturally, the bottom floor was the most heavily destroyed, so the ducting from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was designed to blow all of its air into that specific floor. Typically each apartment has its own temperature control as well as air handler, however as most were damaged by flooding the main component had to be modified to accommodate the repair until a new unit could be put in! Working as expeditiously as could be, the goal was to get the building in livable condition again so people could go back to their homes. Those window units turned out to be a real help to our efforts.

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