HVAC control for a museum

I believe that every major city has an attraction or two that is a draw for people around the world and visitors alike. Museums for example, theme parks or shopping meccas. One of our city’s major draws is a museum that is dedicated to area flight and its development. It’s a place I have always loved to visit ever since I was a kid, and each year it seems to grow a little larger and more interesting. they have all different types of artifacts from the early afternoons of the area program all the way through new times. There is a bit of an admission to get in, however I suppose this mostly goes to pay for the electricity for the a/c. The building is basically a large hangar, and the ceilings are very high to accommodate some of the rocket displays. In order to preserve these artifacts, the must be kept cool at all times, so large HVAC units supply all of the cool air that flows through the exhibits. There are large metal ducts that hang from the ceiling that trace back to the main air handler component to make sure the temperature in the building stays at a lovely and chilled temperature all year long. The HVAC proposal also helps take the humidity out of the air. This is pretty pressing in preserving the artifacts on the museum, but needless to say, the area museum is a popular place to go and visit when it the heat of summer time is in full swing; For a small fee you can spend all day wandering around in a nice air conditioned building and not have to worry about overheating.

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