Can’t stand my HVAC guy

You know what gets on my nerves? People who put on a face, however you know, the coworker who smiles as they talk about your “below average contributions”, or a family member passive-aggressively telling you that they would do things way better if your child was theirs. People always love to run their mouth about how good they would do at something, but assume what happens when they have the opportunity to step up to the place? That’s correct, they’re nowhere to be found, and such is constantly the case with my wife’s big brother, he’s older than me by a few years, and seems to have “big brother” syndrome with me! I job as a professional heating and A/C repair worker, but he’s worked with a local electrician as a supplier for a couple years; While our two jobs tasks are very different, he constantly enjoys to tell me that I’m wasting my time as an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C worker. “You should have been an electrician”, he always says, “we can do anything you boys do twice as fast!” I had enough of his trash talk, so I decided to see if he could back it up on day. I had to install a ductless mini-chop plan at a client’s home, which are incredibly easy to install, so I offered him the job if he could do it without my help. Keep in mind, I’ve seen people with literally no technical experience install a ductless mini-chop plan in a day’s work, so I was more than kind to my sibling in-law! As it turns out, his years of experience as an electrician didn’t help him that much with this replacement, since he provided up after only three hours. The worst thing about it was that he already had the air handler and outdoor air compressor in locale – all he had to do was bore a hole in the wall and run the tables and pipes through the hole. Sounds enjoy someone should know twice before saying they can do anything!

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