The problems with the cooling

After me and my sister  moved out of the house, our mom started to develop a growing interest in family and wanting to reach out to relatives.  Since we still lived locally, my mother came to visit my sister and I very often. She told us she had been in contact with some of our extended family from out of state.  There was a family reunion scheduled for the summer. We made the plan to fly out to a home owned by some distant cousin and we spent a week there. It was great to meet this part of the family.  My sister and I enjoyed the experience. It ended up being a great deal of fun and we made a lot of new friends. My only complaint about the entire experience was realizing that my relative’s house lacked a central cooling system. The house is located up north, and a whole-home cooling system is apparently not necessary or all that common in the area.   Instead of a central Air Conditioning unit to control the temperature of the whole house, some of the rooms had window air conditioners. The others simply had an oscillating fan. Unfortunately, I ended up in a room with nothing but a fan to keep me comfortable. I am accustomed to air conditioning. I don’t like having the windows open at night. I am sensitive to dust, pollen and bugs and worry about safety issues.  Plus, that fan simply blew the heated air and dust around. It didn’t provide much in the way of cooling. I had real difficulty falling asleep. I was damp with sweat and in need of a shower every night. I couldn’t wait to get home to my air conditioner.

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