Hospital HVAC equipment

The day I had my son, I was in the hospital room getting my signs read. I remember after getting the tubes in, I rapidly became super cold. The medical professional informed myself and others it was due to the liquids getting into my bloodstream in a matter of moments. After she had administered the liquids she had left the room. I am going to say it was about 12 minutes and then every one of us started getting heated. It was bad being quite arm having to rely on the hospital AC. I could not fix up the temperature and get more ac.  Most places do not have a control panel to set the temperature. There was 1 in my own space, it was just a matter of where it was located. I could not find it for the longest time. At last, I had finally found it behind the door. When I went over to the panel I saw the A/C was set at 68 degrees. Now in a small single hospital room that is fairly low amount. Though, I was still dripping with sweat and wanted more AC. Pondering it was due to the liquids I did not lower it anymore. After the medicine had worn off, I was able to start chilling down just enough where I was comfortable. It still was sort warm in that room due to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C setting, however it was an alright thing for me. I believe the place I was at must have set their temperature control horrible, since usually hospitals are known for being icy cold, not that warm.

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