Climate control is a problem

Long time back, several large people met at a weight camp meeting. My future wife and I immediately hit it off… We got along so well we allowed each other to be strong enough to quit our program & start going out to eat on a trip a lot more. Fast forward more than 9 years, when her and I got married, & that’s when the real issues begun, but when my wife and were both fat, my wife and I were on the same idea, but now that I have lost a ton of the pudge, the two of us are yelling at each other more than ever, however one of our main concerns isn’t the weight, but our central Heating & A/C idea & how much the two of us run it, but also, when I was large I wanted the air cooling system running just as much as she did, if not even more AC than usual. The cooling air needed to be pushing air right on myself and my wife at all times just to keep our larger frame from heating up & starting to drip perspiration, then now I have lost 80 pounds & am in much better condition too, I realize the thermostat has been set on 60 degrees for far too long. The climate control settings that make her feel comfortable make myself and others feel shivering. I have to wear a coat around the house, even in the heart of summer, because to turn the air cooling system up a few degrees would make her upset. The real answer is for her to lose some pudge, too.

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