Graduated to a HVAC contractor

Although I have worked as a carpenter for several years now, putting up drywall & plaster & putting together the layouts of houses, I never graduated to having my own business. After a while, I realized I would always be a worker be & never transfer up in the world. Always the friend and never the date, as they say. But there were no other places hiring, so I felt trapped in that particular job. Then one day I had a rare encounter with an old friend of mine from high university. Marty and I talked for a bit & caught up on old times. When Marty left he gave myself his card & said if I ever wanted to quit my job & try Heating & A/C instead to give him a call; You better know I called up his Heating & A/C company the undoubtedly second day & asked for an interview. I had too much pride to lie to him, so I told Marty my own experience with cooling & furnaces was limited to tinkering around with my own at home. Marty said that most of his workers started off with just that little of  comprehension of Heating & A/C systems, & that it was more important to be fast at getting information down. Marty also mentioned how his company could use a good qualified carpenter periodically, to build support the frames for big HVAC equipment. In that particular job I was more than qualified, and I also loved the HVAC work that I did at that time.

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